Colour Wheel Colour Wheel is used to specify the hue and saturation of the colour you want to use. Press this button to open the Copier on-line help. Select the Morph icon from the Toolbar. Your name and daytime telephone number including area code 2. You can either click OK to close this information window or click Save to save the information as a text file for your future reference. Choose a transformation from Type.

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Saving Images Scannwr work on your photo is complete, you may want to save it. If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance, indicating a need for service.

Each menu item contains several options in its submenu: If an extension cord is used with this product, make sure that the total ampere rating of the equipment plugged into the extension cord does not exceed the extension cord ampere rating. Save as a file The scanned image can be saved as a file. The Tile options appear in the Options panel. You diamondvirw open the trimmed region in a new editing work space by selecting the Create New Image option.

This opens the Size options in the Options panel.

Express Yourself Create Calendars One of the easiest tasks to accomplish in Photo Express is making calendars, either for your Windows desktop or for your real desktop.

Used for business scaner and other situations in which undithered colours are required. Dragging the Midtone triangle to the left will increase the brightness level of midtone pixels and make the midtone area of image look brighter.


Organise photos by author, subject, title and catalogue. They are great gift for your friends and loved ones, in addition to being a convenient way to keep track of important dates in style. Click the Frames icon on the Toolbar. Display current image information.

How to install old scanner to Win? | Tech Support Guy

In addition to the basic functions Scan Button provides, you can choose to add or delete the applications that are used to work with Scan Button. Delete Button Use the Delete button to delete a scan job.

Read these instructions carefully.

Drag the curve to the left, and diammondview mid-tone area of the image becomes brighter. The following main screen will appear: A description of each component in the dialog box and how they work to affect diamondvifw image follows. From this dialog box, drag the scroll bars to adjust the resolution of the X Horizontal and Y Vertical axis independently.

Four frequently used formats are listed: At the System Properties dialogue box, if the number that appears under Microsoft Windows 95 is 4. Image morphs are output duamondview either image sequences or animated GIF files. You can either drag the triangles below the bar or enter the value directly to adjust. When you have finished with adjustments, you can click OK to apply, or click Reset to restore the default settings. Select your printer from the Printer name drop-down menu.


When you get the desired effect, click on the OK button to confirm your settings and close the dialog box. Click the Express button on the Command panel and then select the Calendar icon from the Toolbar.

This is useful diamoncview you want to scan multiple images in one original.

Need a x64 USB Driver for Mitsubishi Diamond View DV650U scanner

High Speed and High Quality 24 bit modes In these modes the Diamond View scanner uses 24 bit colour to capture the colours of the original with 8 data bits for Red, 8 bits for Green and 8 bits for Blue. Click and drag diamondivew photo or date object to move it. Match each colour with its nearest colour in the destination gamut. Adjustment Area You can drag the triangles or enter diamondviwe value from 0 to in the box directly to adjust.

The y-axis is used to represent the quantity of pixel in each brightness level. Click the Print button on the Command panel and select a print method.