Thanks to everyone so far that has helped. And also, this card is one of the approved. This is very strange??? You have to go in Windows device manager, and there you will find each irq for each device. Not a big change, just a couple of clicks.

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mLan ASIO drivers and Standalone | NI Community Forum

You have to go in Windows device manager, and there you will find each irq for each device. It adds 32 samples per click, so add 64 samples.

So I am completely lost in what else to try. I mean, I don’t know what pc is yours, but Dropouts and Other Audio Problems –kwgm I have Sonar 5 installed as well and the drivers show in that version but when I switch over to Sonar 6 there is nothing. The installation was successful. I just installed Sonar and for some strange reason I cannot get Sonar to see my audio inputs.

Go ahead and use them all–that will give you 3 stereo pairs with which to record. Hi, I just had to redo my computer due to some issues I was having with it.


Here, up your Preferred Buffer Size a couple of clicks. Anyway, at this point I would suggest disabling the built-in Firewire device. If I hit play in Sonar I get audio drop outs or mutes. I have done extensive testing and been on the phone with Yamaha mLAN tech support for hours. Most of my adio did but these did not! I have tried uninstaling my mLAN drivers and reinstalling them but that doesn’t help me.

Thanks to everyone so far that has helped. I axio not recieving a drop out mpan from Sonar I just get drop outs randomly. Again, the Forums at mlancentral have info, as do the Readme files. I cannot arm any tracks for recording because they simply dont give me the option to select an input.

Now I found someone else with the same issue and had them try my temporary fix and they confirmed it does indeed work. And yes, the display can also cause problems. The card just wouldn’t run simultaneously with my Firewire card without causing all kinds of audio artifact and dropouts.


Asio mlan driver download

I have my graphic patchbay setup successfully because I am getting audio from my Motif ES6 which is connected to my network. View this video to see what I mean: This mlzn very strange??? Thanks, Great Mark, Glad to help.

Essentials Only Full Version. Yamaha uses ASIO drivers exclusively.

Yamaha n8 User Manual

Tried setting the minimum inputs and outputs in the graphic patchbay – Axio problem still exsists. Save, close and reopen the program, and listen.

Sonar does not prompt me but the audio does cut out. They said this is OK Be patient, you’ll get there a step at a time.

Do other sequencers have this problem, I wonder? You have dropouts, which is usually a simple problem.